​Sian nikuleru


Landscape photographer living in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture.

Opened a local dental clinic (closing at the end of 2021)

I like beautiful things, I like motorcycles. I photograph the beauty of color, the beauty of form, the beauty of nature, and the beauty of harmony with buildings. I take photographs that reflect moments that move me.

We want to convey to the world the beauty of Japan, rooted in the climate, history, and culture of Japan, which shows various expressions from season to season, with the keyword "MIYABI".

MIYABI is one of Japanese unique senses of beauty, expresses the image of elegance which is firmly rooted in the history, culture and climate.

Through the dissemination of WashigraphPhoto, we hope to contribute to the inheritance and development of traditional Japanese industry and Japanese culture.

I want to promote the word MIYABI  as a Japanese word recognized around the world along with WABI, SABI, ZEN, etc.

Ii Shrine Targeting restoration of the main shrine

I want to photograph and dedicate temples and shrines in Kyoto and Shiga with elegance.

I would like to create new forms of work based on traditional Japanese culture, such as Japanese paper, hanging scrolls, and folding screens, while using new materials.

And we want to create something more beautiful than MIYABI.


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◎Photo Authoringの開発者である写真家田中伸明氏によって和紙に最適に印刷できるように撮影データを極限まで最適化(マスタリング)を行ったデーターを用いて、オーガニックな風合いの分厚い手漉き和紙に印刷してありますので、水墨画や絵画のような印象の作品に仕上っています。








写真でもなく 絵画でもなく 新しいArtです